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Reading RE-man:To read your RE-man comic book, single click on the comic book panels. Start with the panel in the upper left corner. When you click it, you will be linked to a "zoom" view of that panel complete with word bubbles and audio. The audio may take a few seconds to start, so check out the cool images while you wait.

To continue reading the story, click the "Next Panel" button. Or, click the "Go To Full Page" button to go back to the full comic book page, then click the next panel.

As you motor through RE-man make sure you donít miss the tasty hot spots (hidden panels) that youíll find in many of the RE-man "zoom" view panels and the always exciting "What If?" story branching button appearing only on select full pages.

Hey! Donít forget you can print out these instructions if you want to refer to them while youíre reading your RE-man comic book.

Back A Page: Move backwards a page in this comic issue.

Back A Panel: Click to go back a comic panel.

Cover: Click the RE-man button on any of the full comic book pages to return to the RE-man cover. From the cover you can select the most current issue of RE-man or RE-read past issues.

Go To Full Page: Click on this to go back to the full comics page.

Help: You've found it!

Next Page: Move forward a page in this comic issue.

Next Panel: Click to go to the next comic panel.

Q&A Q&A: Send us your questions and thoughts about RE-man. Yes, we actually want to know what you think! Questions will be posted in the "Q&A", along with our RE-sponse.

What If?: Choose an alternate story branch that could have happened for our heroes, but didn't.

You Are Here: This map lets you know where you are in the comic page; it is not clickable.