Originally Q&A was where viewers could email us questions that they may have concerning RE-man and his friends.

Below is a sampling of some of the e-mails that where received during RE-man's run on MSN, as well as some of the answers.

RE-man sounds really heavy when he walks. Whatís his armor made out of?
Margaret, London, England

He does sound like heís leaving some pretty big foot prints doesnít he? RE-manís armor is made of a bio-organic substance from RíManthe. The only thing on Earth that it can be compared to is a heavy liquid steel. But, like our skin, this metal-like substance can regenerate itself in the event that itís punctured or damaged. You may witness the need for RE-manís armor to do this in future issues.

In issue number two, we saw that government satellites tracked something traveling to, and crashing on, Earth. How much does the U.S. government know about RE-man?
Hillary, Washington, D.C.

RE-man would be extremely important to any government. His alien knowledge and advanced technological structure could open up a whole new field of scientific research for Earthlings. Keep your eyes peeled for some interest from the government. Of course, weíre not the only ones in the universe who are interested in his whereabouts.

If the RíMantheans search for RE-man do you think they will have any interest in taking over Earth?
R. Scott, Hollywood, CA.

Taking over Earth would probably not be a high priority for the RíMantheans. Conquering other planets, especially ones as primitive as ours, is not really to their advantage. With their advanced intelligence, and they recognize the damage that comes from exploiting other planets and cultures. Of course, there is always a rotten banana in the bunch, and so this general perspective doesnít hold true for every RíManthean. Itís also possible that an official search for RE-man could end up being the bread crumb trail that leads other, less respectful beings to Earth.