MISC Titan Art:

Titan Concept Art

Here is a set of concept art created for the Design The Titan Contest and some ideas for the Titan's shuttles and the Captain's skiff.

Comic art concepts ideas set with the Titan in mind.

I have envisioned a comic series with the Titan as the center set in an Alternate Mirror Universe where the Terran Empire never fell. This universe is loosely based off of the book by Diane Duane called Dark Mirror that was written before the DS9 episodes set in the original Mirror Universe.

Titan the Animated Series concepts by Geoffrey Thorne.

Geoffrey Thorne wrote THE SWORD OF DAMOCLES. The same book that my schematics of the Titan are in. Geoffrey also was kind enough to create a character based off of me, Dr. Tourangeau. The art below is some of his concepts for a Titan Animated Series. Of course these art not offical, but still great none the less.